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  • Will & Trust Contests

    A record number of people are headed towards retirement in the next decade. Added to that dynamic is the fact that our elder loved ones are living well into their 90’s. The transition of wealth between generations is the largest our country has ever seen. Given these circumstances, it is a far too common scenario where a loved one has been taken advantage of by someone else, resulting in unwanted changes to their estate plans. For example, a caretaker, sibling, child or other individual may have unduly influenced your loved one into leaving her entire estate to someone else. Maybe your loved one was suffering from dementia or some other cognitive or physical impairment, leaving her vulnerable to elder abuse. Whatever the specific circumstances, the result is often the same. One or more rightful heirs get written out of the estate or get a reduced inheritance. If this is the case for you, challenging a will or trust may be appropriate.
  • Compel Distributions

    As the rightful beneficiary of a will or trust, you are entitled to a timely distribution of the assets that your benefactor intended for you to have. You should not have to wait around to get your inheritance. But all too often, appointed trustees or executors do not take the steps necessary to make sure that you receive what is rightfully yours in a prompt manner in accord with the law. Whether a trustee’s failure to execute your distribution is due to oversight, laziness, malfeasance, or ignorance, the aggressive legal team at The Will Contest Attorneys will act fast to get what is yours.When you contact The Will Contest Attorneys we will jump into action to immediately assess the terms of the relevant will and/or trust, determine the best legal strategies to work towards a prompt recovery, and then act with precision, efficiency, and all necessary force in pursuing all available legal avenues to compel a prompt distribution of the assets you are owed.
  • General Representation

    As probate and litigation attorneys with decades of experience in resolving disputes in and out of the courtroom, we will be the first to tell you that the California probate code is deeply complicated. Additionally, many financial aspects of a will or trust can be even more difficult to understand from a layperson’s perspective. If you feel that you are being mistreated by trustees, attorneys, family members, or others, but don’t know where to start, the experienced legal team at The Will Contest Attorneys are here to help.When you speak with one of our attorneys, we will apply our vast experience in California probate litigation to fully assess your situation for all issues and concerns, and, if we represent you, we will act efficiently and aggressively to obtain the legal relief, monetary recovery, and other solutions you deserve through any legal means necessary.
  • Wrongful Disinheritance

    Were you expecting an inheritance from a family member, friend, or associate, only to find that you are receiving less than you were expecting or even nothing at all? If this is the case, you may have been wrongfully disinherited, and a probate attorney can represent you to obtain the inheritance that is rightfully yours. The Will Contest Attorneys represent wrongfully disinherited parties to win justice and financial recovery by aggressively pursuing all available legal strategies in pursuit of proper inheritance decisions in probate court. And because The Will Contest Attorneys represent clients on a contingency basis, you owe no legal fee unless and until we recover on your behalf.
  • Need to Refer a Probate Matter

    If a client or other individual has approached your law practice with a will or trust contest matter that, for whatever reason, you do not seek to pursue on your own, you can earn a significant referral fee by referring the client to The Will Contest Attorneys. Through our referral program, we have compensated attorneys across the region with referral fees totalling hundreds of thousands of dollars, and we are always seeking promising new matters.What makes The Will Contest Attorneys different from other firms practicing probate law is that we represent plaintiffs in will and trust probate matters on a contingency-pricing basis, meaning we have the ability to represent many clients who are otherwise unwilling or unable to pay large upfront legal costs. The referral fee we use to compensate fellow attorneys is based on a percentage of our contingency recovery, which can be quite substantial in some cases. Do not hesitate to reach out to The Will Contest Attorneys.

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Although The Will Contest Attorneys is new, our team of legal professionals is anything but, having litigated for decades in California probate, estate, trust, and personal injury matters. We have seen countless examples of individuals being wronged by all types of unfair and/or illegal behavior, from trustees and executors that fail to properly execute their duties or mismanage trust or estate assets, to parties who wrongfully take or misuse property that rightfully belongs to others.

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